Optical Telescopes

Dark Energy Camera (DECam), CTIO Victor-Blanco 4m Telescope, Cerro Tololo, (CHL)

  • PI of a project mapping the gas-phase metallicity of local galaxies (18 nights granted)
  • 16 Nights of observations of optical IF spectra of local galaxies.

WiFeS IFU, 2.3m ANU telescope, Siding Spring Observatory, (AUS)

  • PI of a project for deep imaging of local galaxies and their environment (2 Nights granted)

EFOSC2 spectrograph, ESO New Technology Telescope (NTT), La Silla, (CHL)

  • 5 nights of observations of optical longslit spectra of local galaxies for the xGASS/ xCOLDGASS projects

Radio and mm-Telescopes

Atacama Large Millimetre/submillimetre Array (ALMA), Chajnantor (CHL)

  • PI of a project to map CO in HI-rich galaxies (queued)

Australian Telescope Compact Array (ATCA), Narrabri, (AUS)

  • Co-Investigator of two projects mapping the HI content of local galaxies
  • Observing with the ATCA for more than 300h
  • Supporting continuum and spectral line observations at wavelengths of 16cm, 4cm, 15mm, 7mm and 4mm as the Duty Astronomer

IRAM 30m single dish, Pico Veleda, (ESP)

  • 60h of observations of the CO(1-0) and CO(2-1) mission line spectra in local galaxies for the xCOLDGASS project

Virtual Observatories and Archival Data

For many of my science purposes, archival data are already available. The main archival data sets I am using are the following:

  • 2MASS images to get spatially resolved near infrared photometry of nearby galaxies and the catalogue of extended sources 2MASX for global photometry
  • WISE to get near to mid infrared photometry of nearby galaxies
  • DES to get get optical photometry of nearby galaxies
  • GALEX to get get ultraviolet photometry of nearby galaxies