Welcome to my web page. I am currently a postdoc at the CDS (Centre de Données astronomiques de Strasbourg, Strasbourg astronomical Data Center).

I research the interstellar medium of nearby galaxies. I am particularly interested in the cold gas and dust content and in answering the questions: What determines the amount of dust and gas in a galay? How is star formation regulated? What role do the kinematics play?

I am also interested in how we will do research in the future. With new radio telescopes such as MeerKAT and ASKAP starting observations, the amount of data available to researchers is going to grow by orders of magnitudes. These data can not be analysed on a local personal computer anymore. So how can we make these data available for the community in a FAIR way? And how can the community work on these data, what would I as a scientist like to see implemented on science platforms?

Whenever I am not sciencing, I like to do sports. Currently I am training towards the green belt in Karate. I also enjoy hiking in nature, be it climbing a mountain in the Rhoen, Schwarzwald or German Alps or reaching a beautiful remote location in the Australian Outback.