Teaching and Outreach

Virtual Observatory Tutorials

  • Updating and further developing the EURO-VOtutorials using both the classical VO-aware tools such as Aladin and Topcat and Python in Jupyter notebooks.
  • Tutoring at the 4th Asterics DADI VO school and at the 1st ESCAPE "Science with interoperable data school" (planned for Feb 2021, register now!). This involves presenting tutorials, supporting students with their usecases and collecting feedback from the students regarding the tools and services.

Supervision of students

  • supervision of webdesign student to update the EURO-VO webpage (technical implementation ongoing)
  • co-supervision of the Master Student: final year project to investigate the diffuse cold dust emission in SMC and LMC
  • co-supervision of Bachelor Student: internship to create a sample of galaxies, which have suitable data to study their cold dust emission
  • co-supervision of School Students interested in becoming astronomers


  • Tour guide for Swinburne's 3D AstroTours.
  • Involvement in Open Days and a Girl's Day at the Max-Planck-Institute for extraterrestrial Physics. Have a look at the picture to the left and yes, this Schokokuss (small chocolate-covered cream cake) is still delicious after it travelled to space (i.e. exploded in the vacuum tub).